ING Bank: the leader in financing new technologies


ING Bank Śląski in Poland has become a leader among banks in terms of participation in the distribution of EU funds within the framework of the “Loan for technological innovations” initiative. During the period of 01.06-30.12.2020 total amount of subsidies, granted to ING customers, estimated approximately 30% of the subsidy volume of all applications submitted to BGK. ING Bank Śląski granted over 230 promises of loans to SME customers during this time.

„The last edition was very popular among entrepreneurs. It proves that despite unfavorable market conditions, entrepreneurs still focus on development and look for solutions that increase revenues, give them the possibility to enter new markets and gain a competitive advantage. At ING we support entrepreneurs that are willing to develop. We are aware of the importance of the development for the economy as well as for entrepreneurs and their customers who receive better products and higher quality services”- said Ewa Łuniewska, Executive Vice President and Board Member at ING Bank Śląski.

ING Bank Śląski grants loans for technological innovations under a cooperation agreement signed with BGK Bank (which is a Polish national development and a state-owned bank). After receiving the bank’s loan promise, an SME customer applies for a subsidy for the implementation of new technology and receives financial support in the form of a technology bonus, which is intended to repay a part of the loan for technological innovations. The remaining part can be financed with SMEs’ funds or with an investment loan that can be repaid within a few years.

Source: Bank’s Press Release form 05.02.2021