ING Lease has launched the Lease Now platform to help entrepreneurs


ING Lease in Poland has launched the Lease Now platform that enables business development and gives the possibility to offer purchase equipment with operational leasing. The process is simplified and reduces formalities to a minimum. It is a tool dedicated to manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of equipment and devices, where they can offer to lease to their buyers and thus increase their sales. The offer itself includes all machines and devices with a value from 5 000 PLN to 50 000 PLN net (approx. 1 073 EUR – 10 735 EUR) and 110 000 PLN (approx. 23 618 EUR) for selected 105 types of devices.


„The idea of Lease Now is to support the sales of our partners, giving them a tool to conduct business talks, expanding the possibilities that they can offer their customers,” – says Szymon Piłat ING Lease Now Product Owner.


„When buying a machine or device from a given supplier, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to quickly and conveniently take advantage of the leasing offer. For lessees, Lease Now is like a payment method – fast and non-engaging. We realize that entrepreneurs want to deal with business operations, including leasing, fully remotely, without formalities, and at a time convenient for them. At Lease Now, leasing can be arranged at any time of the day, on any day of the week” – adds Arkadiusz Kuczera, Vice President of the Management Board of ING Lease.

  • The seller embeds Lease Now in his e-shop
  • The seller also has an app thanks to which he can present leasing conditions during a conversation with the customer – leasing installments, possible leasing terms, and the amount of the downpayment (the app can also be used without an online store);
  • The customer receives offer details and can adjust the leasing term and downpayment;
  • The application does not require financial documentation, it takes a few minutes to complete it;
  • The customer can easily sign a leasing agreement with an electronic signature or by courier;
  • All items sold by Lease Now are insured;
  • The supplier receives a panel for managing offers, generating leasing offers, tracking the status of applications;
  • The leasing cost is competitive;
  • The customer can decide to lease at any time – the system works 24/7. At each stage, the customer is supported by the Lease Now team.


Source: ING Bank’s Press Release from November 17, 2021