Instant payments through the digital channels by Zagrebačka banka

Source: UniCredit Group

Instant payments by Zagrebačka banka in Croatia are available now for its customers. Furthermore, all bank customers no longer have to wait for money transfers, because instant payments to recipients at other banks are made in just seconds at any time of the day, every day including weekends and public holidays.

Important details:

  • an instant account can be set by online banking via mobile application (m-zaba) and internet (e-zaba),
  • payment is set through existing order forms, by checking the instant option,
  • instant orders can be sent and received by all individual customers and business entities that have a transaction account,
  • payments are possible only in favor of transaction accounts of customers (customer’s IBAN), which means that no payments are received in favor of savings, lending parties, and other parties that do not have an IBAN construction,
  • payments are possible within Croatia, the payment currency is exclusively HRK, that`s why national payments in foreign currencies are not available,
  • the maximum payment amount is 100 thousand kunas,
  • the rules for filling out orders (e.g. reference numbers) are the same as for standard orders,
  • the fee for the instant order is charged following the bank’s tariff,
  • payments are only possible between the banks included in this payment scheme.


Source: Information by Zagrebačka banka