İşbank and Vodafone Business present green solutions for SMEs

Photo by SME Banking Club

Türkiye İş Bankası (İşbank), together with Vodafone Business in Turkey, supports SME customers in reducing energy consumption with the Vodafone Business Red Energy solution. The Bank will offer the Vodafone IoT Technology-Based Energy Efficiency Service Package to its customers who will use environmentally friendly loans. The Vodafone Business Red Energy IoT Service Procurement Project, which will offer environmentally friendly loans and technological solutions will allow SMEs to reduce their carbon footprint by providing energy efficiency and at the same time reducing their costs. It aims to provide this service for 12 months to two hundred SME customers in the Bank’s portfolio who will use at least one green loan.

“SMEs need to report and control their energy consumption instantly, to reduce their energy consumption by making the right resource management, and to control equipment such as remote ventilation and lighting. With our Red Energy solution, which reduces electricity consumption by up to 30%, they can monitor the energy of electricity-consuming devices and make comparative reports between machines. They can remotely monitor the energy consumption of the machines and see the historical consumption. Moreover, SMEs can automatically adjust the air conditioners to the desired degree by remotely controlling them, and they can manage the indoor and outdoor lighting remotely with a single button. In addition, SMEs can also prevent unwanted consumption with reactive energy monitoring and alarm systems. We are very happy to expand this technology to SMEs together with Türkiye İş Bankası,” – said Özlem Kestioğlu, Chief Enterprise Business Unit Officer at Vodafone Turkey.

“We take actions that contribute to our common future by raising awareness within the scope of sustainability and turn this approach into concrete outputs. We increase our financing support to renewable energy, and resource efficiency projects with the awareness of the important role of the banking sector in the transition to a low carbon economy, in line with the principles of responsible banking, and to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. We are expanding our product and service diversity in this field with strategic collaborations. Thanks to the Vodafone Business Red Energy solution, it is starting the efficient transformation movement by offering the Vodafone IoT Technology-Based Energy Efficiency Service Package, where SMEs can monitor and control their energy consumption data in their enterprises or production facilities through a single platform, where they can save on their energy consumption and contribute to the green transformation of SMEs,”​ – said Özge Küllah Kurtuluş, Head of SME Banking Marketing Division at Türkiye İş Bankası.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated April 27, 2023