Webinar: Digital identity as enabler of digital transformation


Václav Mladěnka introduces the latest trends in digital identity and how they can help simplify the delivery of new and trusted digital products. Are you wondering how to build a modern single security solution to maintain secure access across channels/API? Maintain demanding security and regulation requirements with reasonable costs? Do you know all the features which are a must for modern identity solutions? How will eIDAS 2.0 impact the market? Václav Mladěnka will present how a modern approach to identity architecture can help you with digital transformation to fast-track new product delivery and avoid unexpected costs on transition or compliance.

Watch the webinar, streamed live on June 02, 2022

⏱Webinar’s Schedule:

  1. 09:30 to 09:34: Introduction to the webinar – Olena Gryniuk
  2. 09:34 to 09:55: Digital identity as enabler of digital transformation – Václav Mladěnka
  3. 09:55 to 10:10: Q & A



Václav Mladěnka

Customer Identity Leader at Monet+ (Czech Republic)



Olena Gryniuk

CEE Regional Director at SME Banking Club (Poland)

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