Webinar: Digitization Strategy


Digitization of financial services has gained momentum for financial institutions, even more, during the period of the pandemic. Digitization is seen as a necessary response to client demands and competition. We consider this a defensive strategy as it is not built around the strengths of traditional financial institutions.

A well-structured Digitization strategy will be at the core of a strong, customer-oriented and knowledge focuses institution. The essential parts of this strategy are:

  • Having a clear concept of the value of qualitative and quantitative knowledge about customers, sectors, and the overall core market of the institution. No competitor shall have better information about the opportunities and risks in the market.
  • Strong customer focus through multiple channels of interaction including, were reasonable human interaction. Using technology, staff will be your asset to create business opportunities.
  • A digital platform needs to adjust to the needs and the character of an institution. The platform will allow the institution to evolve and open the era of digital banking, without dropping the core values of the institution. The right platform also allows to evolve over time as the business grows.
  • The best platform provider is also a key advisor. A well-thought-out digitization strategy offers doors to new products, better analytics, and advanced risk management.

Q-Lana was founded with the mission to strengthen financial institutions through a focus on knowledge-based lending. The Q-Lana platform digitizes a financial institution’s lending and credit risk management activities. Q-Lana uses a proprietary flexible low code platform, which makes digitization an agile tool to continuously adjust and grow with the needs of the institutions, Q-Lana’s strength is the collaboration with Financial Institutions in the development and implementation of successful digitization strategies.

During the webinar, Q-Lana will present its platform and introduce ways to plan and execute a digital strategy using the Q-Lana platform and its low code tools. The webinar will also give the participants opportunities to raise questions and discuss challenges on the digitization path.

Watch the webinar, streamed live on June 28, 2022


⏱Webinar’s Schedule:

  1. 15:00 to 15:05: Introduction to the webinar – Olena Gryniuk
  2. 15:05 to 15:35: Digitalization Strategy – Christian Ruehmer
  3. 15:35 to 15:50: Q & A



Christian Ruehmer

Co-Founder at Q-Lana Inc (United States)



Olena Gryniuk

CEE Regional Director at SME Banking (Poland)




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