Komerční banka launched an online service of the company’s registration


Komerční banka in the Czech Republic launched an online service of the company’s registration for prospective SME customers.

The service is called Firma pro vás, and, in comparison with the traditional process, which takes several weeks with meetings with notaries and visiting authorities and banks, now it takes just few days to register a company (limited-liability company or s.r.o in the Czech Republic).

The process looks the following way:

  • A customer completes an online form on the Firma pro vás service website with the assistance of an online wizard.
  • If a customer does not have a registered office for the new company, Bank suggests writing to podpora@zakladaci.cz– Bank’s partner who can register a virtual office for a new company.
  • After completing the process, all documents relating to the company will be sent to customer’s email address, together with brief instructions for finalizing the application process.
  • After that a customer has toprint outthe relevant documents and sign them with other shareholders (partners).
  • The next step is the verification of signatures at the nearest CzechPOINT office and sending documents to the service provider’s address.
  • Pay the applicable feescorresponding to the selected option, and that is it. From that moment on, a customer can entirely focus on starting up your new business.

The service is available either in the Online Banking system:

Or a customer can fulfill the form on the Bank’s website:

Or a customer can fulfill the form directly on the website firmaprovas.cz.

After registration, a customer gets a Profi account at Komerční banka for two years free of charge.

The service is launched and operated with Bank’s partner Zakladači s.r.o. Komerční banka was the first Bank in the Czech Republic that started building an ecosystem for SMEs, and partnered with startups and fintechs to offer services to its customers and intends to continue with this approach.

CEE region overview: in Poland, four banks launched fully online business registration for the sole entrepreneurs with the business account’s automatic opening.