Leasing of photovoltaic panels by PKO Leasing

Source: PKO Leasing

Photovoltaic leasing by PKO Leasing in Poland is a great solution for entrepreneurs who want to develop their businesses. This is a proposal for companies that expect a simple and quick agreement finalization procedure, but do not have adequate capital. In the case of leasing photovoltaic installations, the leased object, i.e. the installation, remains the property of the financing party, but it is the user who benefits from using the installation. The undoubted advantage of leasing photovoltaics is that the entrepreneur does not have to incur large costs at one time, and all fees are divided into installments.

Photovoltaic installations can be financed through operating or financial leasing. Which one can entrepreneurs choose?

An operating lease for photovoltaic installations allows them to obtain tax benefits. Although the financing party may make depreciation charges on the leased asset, the user may make other deductions. Namely, the user can include the initial payment, leasing installments, and any other costs related to the operation of the object in the tax-deductible costs.

In the event of choosing to finance photovoltaic panels with financial leasing, the user has the right to make depreciation write-offs. The undoubted advantage of this solution is that after the end of the agreement and payment of all leasing installments, the user can buy the leased object, i.e. photovoltaic panels, for a symbolic amount.

Leasing of a photovoltaic installation – operational or financial?

It is not so easy to decide which solution will be better in the case of financing photovoltaic leasing – operational or financial leasing. That is why it is worth knowing the most important differences between both solutions.

First of all: the possibility of making depreciation write-offs. In an operating lease, they are made by the financing party, while in a financial lease – by the user.

Secondly: VAT. In operational leasing, VAT is added to each installment, while in financial leasing, the user has to pay it in advance, in full.

Thirdly: the duration of the agreement. Under the operating lease, the agreement is concluded for a period that corresponds to at least 40% of the normative tax depreciation period of the leased asset. In financial leasing, there are no restrictions as to the duration of the agreement.

Fourthly: the possibility of purchasing the leased asset. In the operating lease, the user has the option to buy the leased object, after the end of the agreement, at a price much lower than the market price. In financial leasing, the purchase of an item takes place for a symbolic PLN 1.

Photovoltaic leasing for companies – why is it worth using it?

The leasing of photovoltaic installations is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to use ecological energy sources. What are the advantages of photovoltaic leasing at PKO Leasing?

Simplified procedure:
An entrepreneur does not have to provide financial documents to obtain new panels up to PLN 250.000.

Financing period:
Financing period from 48 to 72 months.

Proven suppliers:
The entrepreneur may or may not independently look for a supplier of photovoltaic solutions. PKO Leasing cooperates with proven suppliers who guarantee the quality of the solutions offered.

PKO Leasing finances up to 90% of the value of the object.


Source: Press release by PKO Leasing from January 17, 2022