Webinar: Improve mobile security to open new business


Watch the webinar, hosted on May 13, on how improving mobile security can significantly increase value for end-users, organizations, and open up new business opportunities.

Mobile phones and mobile applications are great devices in our lives that have gradually taken on the role of ID wallets. We will introduce your mobile phone as a tool that opens up new digital opportunities.

We enable companies and developers to create new trusted web and mobile applications that respond to changes in customer behavior and new services emerging in today’s pandemic.


🎤 Václav Mladěnka (Monet+). LinkedIn profile

Václav Mladěnka is responsible for developing solutions for client authentication. He has been intensively working on solutions for online banking; in particular, securing mobile and web applications using identity federation concepts for the last 7 years. In the position of delivery manager, he participated in transformation projects of the Czech banking market and in the implementation of PSD2 SCA and CSC.

About Monet+ company
Highly specialized company with 25 years experience in digital identity and user authentication services. Delivering software frameworks to secure access for web and mobile apps in banking, government and other online business.


Olena Gryniuk LinkedIn Profile

CEE Regional Director

SME Banking Club


🕒 Webinar Agenda:

14.00 – 14.01 – Introduction to the webinar – Olena Gryniuk

14.01 – 14.30 – Improve mobile security to open new business – Václav Mladěnka

14.30 – 14.40 – Q&A Session


Watch webinar video: