mBank supports entrepreneurs to move and develop a business online


mBank in Poland supports entrepreneurs in moving or developing their businesses online not only with banking products but also with an educational campaign. It is based on two ideas: free educational content for entrepreneurs and a competition for the digital revolution. This year, business prizes worth 300,000 PLN (approx. 66 902 EUR) are at stake. On the web and spots promoting the campaign, you can find spots with Archimedes.

Last year’s edition of the Digital Revolutions campaign consisted of several dozen texts and nearly 20 webinars on how to move a business to the online world. 550 applications were sent during the competition, in which the winners received, among others, help in the building of an e-store and its promotion on the Internet, e-marketing training, legal and accounting support, and packages of logistic services.


On May 24, the second edition of mBank’s Digital Revolutions started. The new component of the campaign is the new website – a compendium of knowledge on how to move business online step by step. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of a free course of effective sales and inspiring case studies of companies that have already been successful online. Each course ends with a knowledge test. The materials were prepared by market experts in e-commerce. They are all free and the participants do not have to be mBank’s client to use them. 

The idea of the competition is to carry out a digital revolution in the awarded companies. The bank cooperates with proven partners: Ceneo, Cube Group, DIMAQ, DPD, Gessel, Ideo Force, Lex Secure PayNow, Samito, and They will help winners overcome the legal, marketing, and technology challenges that occur when launching a business online. The quality and scale of the revolution will be supported by an experienced manager and businessman – Maciej Filipkowski, who hosts the Zaprojektuj Your Life broadcast. Maciej will meet the winners at mentoring sessions for six months. He will also invite them to participate in his program. Mastercard is the strategic partner of the competition.


Source: Bank’s press release from May 24, 2021