Millennium Leasing offers maintenance services for smaller fleets called MilleFlota


Millennium Leasing in Poland, in cooperation with MOTO Flota, prepared the MOTO Flota program available to smaller enterprises, which so far was available only for large fleets. This is the only such offer on the market. Predictability of costs, fixed prices, and discounts, a guarantee of service quality, or cashless settlements – these are the most important assumptions of the MilleFlota program.

More and more entrepreneurs, including those without large vehicle fleets, begin to see the need for careful selection of maintenance services. Managing the service of company vehicles up to 3.5 tons is often not only a cost-related but also a logistical challenge. In such a situation, solutions such as MilleFlota can support companies.

„In MilleFlota we can offer customers access to vehicle maintenance and repair services at attractive prices, so far available only for the largest fleets. To meet the expectations of customers, we have created a service that allows for effective servicing of cars, which is of key importance for the operation of company vehicles. The choice of a reliable partner was crucial in this project. We know that cooperation with MOTO Flota guarantees not only the highest quality but also flexibility and innovative approach” said Agnieszka Kozakiewicz, Member of the Management Board of Millennium Leasing.

Millennium Leasing customers using MilleFlota receive access to purchase parts and maintenance services at attractive prices, the same throughout Poland, with a fleet discount – also at Authorized Service Stations. They easily control costs by paying only for what they actually outsource. An example may be the calculations of the MOTO Flota company from April 2021, taking into account the performance of operational inspections, replacement of brake discs and brake pads for a vehicle up to 3.5 tons. By providing the above-mentioned services at market prices, the customer will incur a total cost of approx. 7 500 PLN (approx. 1 669 EUR) but under the MilleFlota program, the cost would be (depending on the selected option) approx. 6 000 PLN (approx. 1 335 EUR) in the ASO network or approx. 2 600 PLN (approx. 578 EUR) using points outside the network of authorized services (nonASO).

As part of the program, Millennium Leasing customers can use the maintenance services provided by MOTO Flota throughout Poland without cash. Additionally, users will have access to a convenient MOTO Flota Manager system. It allows entrepreneurs to view the vehicle’s service history online, as well as arrange services and report service costs. A unique part of the program is a call center, providing consulting services in the field of managing even a small fleet of vehicles, technical consulting, enabling the verification of the scope of services and the time of their implementation by experienced consultants.
The MilleFlota program is now available for Millennium Leasing customers. The service contract and related amenities are an integral and automatic element of the leasing offer. The program will be gradually developed and supplemented with new elements ensuring comfortable use of leasing.

Source: Millennium Bank’s press release from July 01, 2021