Millennium Leasing provides SMEs financing with the BGK guarantee

Source: Millennium Bank

Millennium Leasing and BGK Bank (Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego) in Poland will continue their cooperation in 2022. That is why companies from the SME sector will have an opportunity to continue using governmental guarantees as a form of securing leasing operations.


“Last year Millennium Leasing was the first leasing company in Poland to start concluding agreements with customers secured by BGK guarantees. Now, thanks to the signing of an annex to the agreement with the BGK, we are extending the availability of this solution. Thanks to it, entrepreneurs receive significant support in obtaining financing through leasing; the availability of capital and the possibility of investing in a difficult post-pandemic market increases,“ – noticed Marcin Balicki, Chairman of the Management Board of Millennium Leasing.

Due to the leasing agreement with the BGK guarantee, SME businesses can use leasing on more attractive terms related to the tenor, amount, margin, required collateral, and duration of the agreement. Moreover, the coverage of the leasing transaction by BGK can be up to 80%. The maximum tenor is 10 years.

Furthermore, the guaranteed funds constitute Government Aid in support of the Pan-European Guarantee Fund implemented by the European Investment Fund with the financial support of the Member States contributing to the Pan-European Guarantee Fund. They aim to protect the economy of the EU from the consequences of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.


Source: Millennium Bank`s press release from January 03, 2022