Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Camp 1

How to implement e-invoicing for SME customers

Camp Agenda:

On-Site Meeting at the Camp – June 14

  1. Topics to be discussed:
    1. Creating the context
        a. What is digitalization?
        b. What does digitalization mean for banks?
        c. Changing role of banking, trends, technology
        d. What is beyond banking?
        e. How digitalization affects banking services?
        f. Why has been the SME sector underserved by banks? Why is it a new growth opportunity for banks
  2. Understanding ecosystems
        a. What is a banking ecosystem?
        b. From closed to open data ecosystems
        c. Models for banks to create and participate in ecosystems
        d. Monetizing data from ecosystems
  3. Invoice management as a value added service?
        a. Why should the bank consider invoicing as a value added service for SMEs?
        b. The value of invoice data
  4. Digital invoice management solution
        a. Layers of the service
        b. Getting the basics right – minimally requested features for an MVP
        c. Design considerations
  5. How to make money on it?
        a. Business model – how to prepare a business case?/how to sell within the bank the business case?
        b. Key success factors for distribution

At the end of the meeting each participant receives a case study on e-invoicing to develop for the assignment meeting.

Case Study development Day – June 15
Discussion of the progress of Case Study development with all the participants, receiving advise and suggestions from the speakers.

Assignment meeting – June 16
Presentation of the Case Study on e-invoicing implementation to all the participants and speakers. Appraisal of the presentation by the speakers, and receiving of the certificate accredited by SME Banking Club for passing Camp 1: How to implement e-invoicing for SME customers.

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Module detail


June 14, 2023 09:00 am


June 16, 2023 06:00 pm

Camp Location

Krakow, Poland


On-site, consisting of:

June 14 – Lectures on digital invoice management

June 15 – Case Study development

June 16 - Assignment meeting and handing out certificates

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