MONETA Money Bank continues to support entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic


In addition to the existing COVID III loans intended to cover operating costs, MONETA Money Bank is now adding a COVID III Investment loan of up to 90 million CZK. Thus, self-employed persons or enterprises with up to 500 employees can obtain a loan of up to 90 million CZK (approx. 3 513 487 EUR), for the purchase of tangible or intangible assets with the state guarantee of the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (ČMZRB).

The COVID III Invest loan follows on from the government’s COVID III program. 

“Moneta, as a major supporter of Czech business, was among the first to join the program. On the part of self-employed persons and small enterprises affected by government measures against the coronavirus pandemic, we recorded great interest in state-guaranteed operating loans with an attractive maximum interest rate of 4.9% per year. We are now bringing further assistance to our clients in the form of investment loans, through which they will be able to finance, for example, the purchase of new machinery, real estate or hardware and thus move their business further” said Zuzana Filipová, ESG Group, and Communications Director.

Within COVID III Invest entrepreneurs can draw a loan from MONETA Money Bank up to twice the total annual wage costs or 25% of 2019Y turnover, but the maximum amount is set at 90 million CZK. In justified cases, the bank may provide self-employed persons and small businesses with a higher loan exceeding the limits set for turnover or wage costs. The state guarantees the loan through ČMZRB up to 90% of the outstanding principal for six years. However, the maturity of the loan can be up to 10 years, which is an additional benefit provided by the Bank to minimize the repayment burden, especially in the retail segment.

MONETA launched the collateral of guarantees under the COVID III program in May last year. In total, the bank has allocated 10.8 billion CZK (approx. 421 661 830 EUR) from the state within the COVID III program. The validity of the COVID III program makes it possible to provide guaranteed loans until the end of 2021.


Source: Bank’s press release from July 02, 2021