Nest Bank prepared a new consolidation offer for micro-entrepreneurs

Source: Nest Bank

The new consolidation offer from Nest Bank in Poland is a solution for micro-entrepreneurs that are looking for reduced installments and savings in their businesses. They can transfer their loan obligations previously incurred in other banks to Nest Bank without fee. Nest Bank will also pay new customers 3% of the amount of the consolidated loan to their Bank accounts.

The consolidation offer was created as a response to the current needs of micro-entrepreneurs who deserve support in difficult and unpredictable times. They can receive a loan decision even in 5 minutes, and the money will be paid to them even within 24 hours of signing the agreement. Customers can also take advantage of a secured loan in the form of a PLD de minimis guarantee.

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“In times of rising inflation, the costs of doing business naturally also rise. At Nest Bank, we try to be close to our customers, we work with them every day, so we know perfectly well what the Polish entrepreneurs need today,” says Marek Szcześniak, Vice President of Nest Bank. “We have prepared a very transparent and fair offer for new customers. We offer them a company account with a card for unconditional PLN 0 and an attractive consolidation offer. We convert one or more loans into a new commitment with a lower installment. This offer has been in operation for several days and we can see that some entrepreneurs save up to several hundred PLN a month in this way,” he adds.

“The reduced loan installments and free Bank account maintenance are not the only advantages of the Nest Bank offer,” continues the Vice president. “In conditions of high-interest rates and rising production costs, it is increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to maintain financial liquidity. That is why we give our customers the freedom to decide when they need loan holidays. We also allow you to flexibly change the installment amount. These are solutions that greatly facilitate the management of business finances,” adds Marek Szcześniak.

The new Nest Bank`s offer is a package of benefits for the micro-entrepreneurs:

  • 0 PLN fee for the transfer of liabilities.
  • A bonus of 3% of the transferred loan.
  • The loan holidays for up to 3 months for PLN 0.
  • The change of the installment repayment date is even every 3 months.
  • Free overpayment, up to PLN 10,000 per month.
  • The possibility of extending the loan period and reducing the installment.

How can the customers join the Nest Bank`s offer?

The customers can transfer the loan to Nest Bank in two ways. They can do this by phone, call or book a conversation with an advisor. During the conversation, the customers apply and receive an initial loan decision even in 5 minutes. The loan can also be transferred to an advisor in the facility.

You can find the details here.