New green financing for entrepreneurs at Millennium Leasing

Source: Millennium Bank

Since April 2023, Millennium Leasing in Poland has been expanding its offer with the leasing of environmentally friendly items. Thanks to it, entrepreneurs can finance comprehensively and on preferential terms as many as 53 groups of green assets, including a wide selection of machines and equipment. This is a novelty in the Polish market.

“Green investment leasing is a solution for entrepreneurs who want to implement a sustainable development policy in their businesses and significantly reduce electricity costs. For years, Millennium Leasing has been offering products aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. We do not stop there and include another product in our offer. In the green investment leasing offer, we focused mainly on assets from the group of machines and devices. Pro-ecological items are becoming more and more popular among customers and entrepreneurs are more and more willing to use leasing of these assets. That is why we want these solutions to be even more accessible to Polish entrepreneurs,” – said Marcin Balicki, President of the Management Board at Millennium Leasing.

As part of the offer, entrepreneurs benefit from a longer lease period, reduced interest rates, and a fast decision-making path. In addition, they can choose the option “3 lower installments to start” with an installment amount of only 10% of the standard rate. This solution allows them to reduce the burden in the initial period of the lease and postpone the repayment of the first 3 installments to a later date.

Leasing of green investments covers a wide range of items as many as 53 product groups. The most important are machines and devices. In addition to photovoltaic panels and installations, which have been financed in Millennium Leasing for many years, entrepreneurs can finance energy storage facilities, heat pumps, as well as specialized pro-ecological devices, e.g. electric car charging stations, lines, and machines for recycling plastics, waste, cables, tires, washing machines for containers, air treatment systems or machines for the production of ecological fuel pellets. Such a wide range of machines and equipment financing is unique on the market. Electric vehicles also constitute an important group in the green offer these are, of course, cars, but also scooters, bicycles, forklifts, and even buses. The customers can lease both new and used items.

“Taking into account the growing requirements for environmental protection and the entrepreneur`s expectations in this regard, I do not doubt that ecological investments are the future. Currently, the European Union is working on the air directive, which will radically tighten the limits of pollution levels. The indirect impact on customers choosing green solutions and technologies will also increase. And we are part of this positive green trend,” said Marcin Modliborek, Head of the Product Management Department at Millennium Leasing.


Source: Millennium Bank`s press release dated April 25, 2023