News from Partners: PartnerHub enters the NayaOne Marketplace

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NayaOne welcomes PartnerHub, a bank-focused digital invoice management solution provider to the Marketplace, enabling banks and merchants to access their solution stack via NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform. PartnerHub is a white label platform designed to enable banks to offer value-added services for their retail, SME, and corporate customers. The platform offers a comprehensive feature set regarding digital invoice management and payment integrations, including bill presentment and payment generated from invoice data, e-invoicing, supplier invoice management, and integration with request-to-pay services using invoice data.

For retail banking customers, PartnerHub provides a secure and convenient way to store all their invoices in one place, making it easier to manage bills and access them whenever needed. The platform also offers a range of value-added services for banks to serve their SME customers, such as e-invoicing and supplier invoice management integrated into online and mobile banking channels. PartnerHub also provides integration of e-invoicing and request-to-pay services for the bank’s corporate customers and merchants.

These value-added services provided by the bank enable customers to streamline their payment processes and improve cash flow management.

The platform can be customized with a low-code or no-code approach, making it easy for banks to configure the platform to meet the specific needs of their retail and SME segments and individual corporate customers. Additionally, PartnerHub’s technology enables low-code integrations with third-party accounting and ERP systems, e-invoicing networks, and payment schemes, making it a highly flexible and adaptable platform for banks.

Katalin Kauzli, Co-Founder at PartnerHub, “NayaOne and PartnerHub joined forces to make innovation painless for banks. In today’s turbulent environment innovation is the extra mile, albeit is a must for long-term survival. By onboarding PartnerHub to the NayaOne platform, digital invoice management as an inevitable beyond banking service becomes accessible to all banking partners of NayaOne just with a couple of clicks.”

Oli Platt, Product and Marketplace Manager at NayaOne, “We are excited to have PartnerHub’s digital invoice management solution stack available on the marketplace, as it provides a range of solutions for retail, SME, and corporate banking customers. PartnerHub’s integration of e-invoicing, request-to-pay, and supplier invoice management services is truly remarkable, and it will help the banks to offer a new range of services that help banking clients to streamline their payment processes while improving cash flow management.”

About PartnerHub

The PartnerHub’s next-generation EIPP platform is a future-proof solution for your bank to provide value-added services for digital invoice management. PartnerHub has been at the forefront of e-invoicing automation and real-time payment integration with bank B2B/B2C eco-systems for a couple of years. Having real-time payments coupled with the e-invoicing regulation making invoice data accessible, we can demonstrate the combined value of e-invoicing and banking for SMEs and enterprises.

About NayaOne

NayaOne revolutionises innovation in financial services. We provide banks with a single point of access to hundreds of fintechs and datasets, through our Digital Sandbox and Fintech-as-a Service offering. Regulated firms are able to discover, build, evaluate and scale with fintechs in a matter of weeks instead of months.


Source: The press release by NayaOne (Amrit Satpathy) and PartnerHUB (Katalin Kauzli)