News from Partners: Supernovae Labs became PartnerHub`s Partner

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Supernovae Labs (Italy) and PartnerHub (Hungary) are thrilled to announce their new partnership, aimed at delivering cutting-edge e-invoicing and/or interoperability solutions for banks. By harnessing the power of open finance, the collaboration will enable seamless integration between disparate systems and drive unparalleled efficiency across the industry.

Supernovae Labs, founded in 2016 in Milan, is a consulting boutique specializing in supporting the innovation of financial institutions by exploiting the opportunities offered by open finance and fintech. Guided by an Open Innovation approach, it offers an integrated range of services and operates as a bridge between fintech/insurtech and financial and insurance institutions.

PartnerHub, founded in 2015 in Budapest, is on a mission to accelerate the transition to e-invoicing for SMEs worldwide by providing affordable and easy-to-use e-invoicing and interoperability technology, which can be integrated into online and mobile banking channels.

Together, Supernovae Labs and PartnerHub will combine their expertise to help banks:

  • Master all turnover, transactional, and cash flow data of SME customers, enabling all related lending and payment services;
  • Improve the customer experience of SME customers by simplifying their processes.

PartnerHub‘s entry into our ecosystem once again confirms that ours is a unique international partnership network in the financial sector,” said Carlo Giugovaz, Founder of Supernovae Labs. “They are leaders in providing e-invoicing as a low-code/no-code technology and we are excited to partner with them to provide our customers with the best technology available”.

Katalin Kauzli, PartnerHub‘s Co-Founder added: “We are excited to join forces as Supernovae Labs is an ideal partner for us, with their experience and commitment to supporting Fintechs and Financial Services innovators”.

The partnership between Supernovae Labs and PartnerHub is an excellent opportunity for banks to stay ahead of the competition in the banking ecosystem by enhancing their SME customer experience while simultaneously increasing their profitability.

Contact Supernovae Labs and PartnerHub today to learn more about how they can help your bank.


Source: The press release by Supernovae Labs and PartnerHub dated May 09, 2023