Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Future of Customer Experience.
Next-Generation Intelligence Platform for SME financial sector


Last year, during our #CEE20 Conference, we started discussing how AI changes SME banking in the areas of personalized offers, omnichannel approach and beyond banking services.
This year, together with Asseco Poland, we decided to dig deeper and discuss how AI can help reach higher profits, at-scale personalization and unique omnichannel experiences.

We have prepared 17 questions that will let us understand your expectations in this area and produce a relevant Study devoted to AI in SME Banking in the CEE region. The Study will be available as an open-source document on the SME Banking Club website from June 2021.
We would be grateful for your time in answering the questions below. The questionnaire does not contain product and service placement.

Question 1

Please input your Country

Question 2

Represented institution

(Please choose 1 answer)

Credit institution

Question 3

Which department:

(Please choose 1 answer)

SME Business dep/tribe
Corporate Business dep/tribe
Retail Business dep/tribe
Digital Platform dep/tribe

Question 4

Position held:

(Please choose 1 answer)

Management Board Member
Head of Department/Tribe
Head of Division/Team
Product Manager/Owner

Question 5

What is your greatest challenge in 2021?

(Please choose 1 answer)

Better product proposition for SME customers
Optimization of customer service costs
Increased support for SME customers

Question 6

Do you have a centralized SME customer data system
(data in one place)?

(You can choose several answers here)


in the following tools:

Customer Data Platform

data are separately collected in:

Transactional systems
Data warehouse
Contact center systems

Question 7

Do you analyze data about SME customers?
If so, for what purpose?

(You can choose several answers here)

Offer personalization
Better customer experience
Customer loyalty
Customer retention (ROX)
Back-office support
Rising customer expectation

Question 8

What are your main needs with regard to the automation of marketing activities conducted with SME clients?

(You can choose several answers here)

Customer acquisition
Dynamic offers for prospects
Dynamic customer segmentation based on selected data
Preparation of a maintenance offer supporting sales
Increasing the productiveness of customers (product cross / upsell)
Customer retention
Presenting detailed analyzes of the customer data
Individual product offer

Question 9

What may make you decide to purchase a central system for analyzing data about SME customers?

(You can choose several answers here)

Higher purchase conversion of financial products
Reducing office costs
ROI for promotional and sales activities
Increasing the efficiency of customer service and its improvement
Efficient introduction of new products

Question 10

How important are the following tools supporting the acquisition of new customers for your institution?

(Please select from 1 to 4, where 1 is the most important, and 4 is the least important)

Preparation of offers for leads

Analysis of leads (qualification / profiling)

Preparation of automatic product offers supported by AI mechanisms

Marketing automation tools

Question 11

Is the analysis of the SME customer life cycle important (from the moment of acquiring until the customer leaves)?

(Please choose 1 answer)


Question 12

Is artificial intelligence used in your financial institution?

(If yes, you can choose several answers)


in the following areas

Compliance / AML
Sales / marketing / CRM
Customer view

Question 13

Are there any plans to implement AI in your institution?

(Please choose 1 answer)



1 year
2 years
3-5 years
Above 5

Question 14

At what stage of implementation of AI-based solutions is your institution?

(Please choose 1 answer for each question)

Machine learning models in compliance/AML

Customer Data Platform with machine learning models

Marketing automation with machine learning models

Question 15

Which of the following business outcomes have the greatest potential to be achieved through the use of AI?

(You can choose several answers here)

Fraud reduction
Anti-churn of customer
Customer retention
New dedicated offer
Recommendation engines

Question 16

In which parts of your organisation's value chain do you see the greatest use of AI implementation?

(You can choose several answers here)

Creating actionable insights from data
Moving from product to customer focus
Working with all legacy systems
Managing and analyzing customer data to next best offer
Flexible sales processes

Question 17

Please rank the challenges associated with implementing AI within your organization:

(Please select from 1 to 7, where 1 is the most important, and 7 is the least important)

Lack of a specialized data science team

Integration into company culture and processes

Integration into existing tools

Finding budget

Legal constrains

No implementation effects

Too few references to the effectiveness of AI use

* Required