No leasing fee and a bonus for ecological farms from BNP Paribas

Source: BNP Paribas Bank Polska

“Certainty every day” is another promotion that Bank BNP Paribas in Poland directs to customers who run agricultural business.This group can count on lending on special conditions. The funds can be used to cover agricultural operational costs, invest in land, or any farm’s investment goal. Additionally, new working capital loans will include purchase vouchers as part of the “Agro loans with a gift” promotion. The campaign will last until the end of May this year.
The offer includes, among others Agro Express, Agro Progress, and Agro Rzeczówka Light lending. BNP Paribas Bank Polska does not charge an initiation fee, and the margin may be reduced if a customer decides to take out insurance in the variant required by the bank. Additional margin reductions can be applied for farms with a sustainable agriculture certificate or an organic certificate.


“We are convinced that the Polish agriculture sector has great development perspectives, despite the challenges on the market. We offer a range of products to help meet these challenges, believing that farmers need only stability and financial certainty to increase their efficiency. In line with the bank’s mission, we also support customers who adapt their activities to the requirements of the Green Deal, offering better conditions to farms that care about ecology” – says Maciej Piskorski, director of the Agro Products Department at BNP Paribas Bank Polska.

The Agro Express loan is a revolving loan granted in the form of the overdraft with mortgage as a collateral. Amount – up to PLN 2 million – can be used for any purpose related to the farm’s operation cycle.

The Agro Progress loan is a solution for financing the farm’s investment and refinancing previous investments. The tenor of the loan can be up to 30 years, and the principal repayment can be adjusted to the seasonality of revenues.

As part of the Opened Agrobusiness account, new borrowers will be able to use the current account with a debit card and online banking free of charge for a year.

Bank BNP Paribas Polska also gives customers additional gift vouchers for PKN Orlen petrol stations, or e-codes to the Biedronka retail chain. They are granted in the form of cards or e-code worth PLN 100 for each 100 thousand PLN granted working capital loan (max. 3 cards per customer).

Customers can also count on a lower operational fee and lower margin for selected leasing products. Thanks to this, it will be easier for them to equip their farms with modern machinery.

Customers who will benefit from the above-mentioned promotions can also get free access to Premium tools on the platform, i.e. innovative farm management tools, incl. SatAgro, RolnikON, Agrivi.

As part of the promotion, a customer can apply for several loans at the same time. The condition for taking advantage of the offer is the customer’s creditworthiness and meeting other conditions for granting the product.


Source: Bank`s press release from January 27, 2022