Online application for APIA loans at Banca Transilvania

Source: Banca Transilvania

Banca Transilvania in Romania launched the option to apply online for the APIA loans granted to BT customers receiving subsidies directly on the BT website. This completes the Bank’s offer of loans based on contributions and other loans for farmers.

Depending on the customer’s choice, the entire loan flow – including receiving APIA certificates and signing the loan agreement – can be done online without going to the Bank.

The APIA loan is an advance loan, which provides the money needed for current payments from the farm until the subsidy is received from APIA and is granted for up to 90 % of the amount to be received by a BT customer.

Banca Transilvania has over 32,000 agribusiness customers. In 2021, BT granted 4,300 loans to support agriculture, worth RON 2.5 billion, of which over RON 500 million represent APIA loans.


Source: the Banks press release dated May 20, 2022