Online communication with a banker via RaiConnect service by Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska

Source: Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska

RaiConnect by Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska is a secure way to share information and business documents online. This new service is available for artisans, and small entrepreneurs with the FlexiBIZ BONUS package. Due to the RaiConnect, the customers will be able to arrange with their bankers online without visiting the bank.

What are the benefits of using RaiConnect?

  • An online communication (via a chat, a video meeting, or an audio call);
  • An exchanging of documents (a secure sharing of documents and screens);
  • A lack of binding to the location (the customers will get all information and sign agreements without coming to the bank).

RaiConnect service contracting process

Firstly, the customers need to send an online business account request. Secondly, they should go to the bank to contract packages and RaiConnect services. Finally, they will have an opportunity to download RaiConnect application and activate the service.

The customers can find more information about RaiConnect on the Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska page.


Source: Information by Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska