Opportunity Network Platform is available for business customers of PKO Bank Polski


Business customers of PKO Bank Polski in Poland can get the access to the Opportunity Network – a digital platform with a global reach, which enables establishing business relations. On the platform, compnaies can buy and sell products and services.

On the platform, there are currently over 45000 registered entrepreneurs from 140 countries of the world. Importantly, only companies verified by the banks that meet certain financial criteria, are invited to the Opportunity Network. This registration process ensures the credibility of potential partners. PKO Bank Polski is the only bank in Poland that cooperates with the Opportunity Network and is the only one able to invite its customers to use the platform. Access to the Opportunity Network platform in Poland may be granted to the top management of enterprises with revenues above 10 million PLN (approx. 2 174 986 EUR), which are or will become customers of PKO Bank Polski. Before being invited to the platform, PKO Bank Polski performs an economic and financial assessment of the company.

Participants publish advertisements that define their goals and business needs: they define the industry, geographic scope, and preferred transaction size. All users of the platform can see the offer, and if they are interested in the topic – initiate contact and negotiations. Both the announcements and the initial information exchange are anonymous so as not to reveal the business plans. Only after making contact and showing interest in the offer, contractors get to know their data.

The solution is intended for medium and large enterprises. PKO Bank Polski offers access to the platform to new customers on promotional terms. The annual access fee is EUR 950. After this period, the annual cost is EUR 2,500. The first month is free to test the platform’s capabilities.


Source: PKO Bank Polski press release from August 17, 2020 and product information on bank’s website