Pekao bank in Poland launched opening a business account with a selfie


Another bank in Poland launched opening a business account with a selfie. Bank Pekao has made selfie verification available to domestic business customers, regardless of the legal form. This innovative and unique service on the market will facilitate and accelerate the opening of accounts for medium and larger enterprises.

The process of remote establishing relations in Bank Pekao S.A. is available to entities from the SME segment and corporations, registered in Poland, represented by persons with Polish identity cards.

After determining the scope of cooperation with a bank manager from the SME Business Center or the Corporate Center (by phone), the customer receives a verification link by e-mail. This process takes no more than 3 minutes and to complete it, the entrepreneur needs to follow simple commands displayed on the screen of a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. After correct verification, the agreement is concluded in the PekaoBiznes24 online banking. This is done fully electronically, using SMS codes. Accounts are ready to use immediately after the conclusion of the agreement, and the relationship may be established within one day.

„From the very beginning, we treated the pandemic restrictions very seriously and looked for solutions available to all customers. We wanted the entrepreneurs to establish relationships with a bank remotely as well. Opening accounts remotely is quick and convenient, RM guides the potential customer through the entire process step by step, starting with the verification with a selfie, and ending with the conclusion of the agreement by SMS” – says Magdalena Zmitrowicz, Vice President of the Management Board of Bank Pekao SA, supervising the Corporate Banking Division.

The products (current and auxiliary accounts as well as PekaoBiznes24 online banking) are available remotely For accounts opened this way, transaction limits are set and specified in the regulations of accounts – for the SME customers, and in the account agreement – for corporates. Setting of individual limits is possible only if at least one customer representative is verified personally by a bank employee.



Source: Bank’s Press Release from September 09, 2021