Pekao Bank introduces the MiniPOS PAX A50 for entrepreneurs

Source: Pekao Bank

Pekao Bank in Poland expanded its offer of the POS with another modern device for special tasks. The MiniPOS resembles a smartphone in terms of its appearance and functionality, making it an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who value mobility, comfort, and minimalism.

Source: LinkedIn

“This is great progress that we are taking together with our customers. It was their voices that decided to implement the new POS. A year ago, when we introduced the first PAX A920 android POS to our offer, the positive reactions of customers confirmed our belief that this is the right way, so we followed the blow and implemented PAX A920 Pro, and now we are implementing MiniPOS PAX A50,” – explains Remigiusz Hołdys, Director of the Banking Department Daily and Savings Products.

The device`s compactness and the transaction processing speed allow entrepreneurs to make comfortable customer service. The POS is a mobile device that doesn`t require constant charging, making it ideal, for example, at couriers, in restaurants, or hairdressing salons. If the battery is depleted, they need to charge the POS just like they would do with their smartphones.

Source: LinkedIn

“As part of the first installed MiniPOS, we listened to the opinions of entrepreneurs and their customers. The entrepreneurs emphasized that the new POS is an innovation in their company, noticeable by customers, introducing the possibility of additional pleasant interaction between them. In addition, the entrepreneurs emphasize features such as lightness, convenience, paper saving, and battery life incomparably longer than in other solutions. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs’ customers pointed out that they had never seen such a modern POS before, that now transactions would be carried out in the blink of an eye, as well as asking entrepreneurs whether it was a POS or a smartphone,” – noted Artur Jurgielewicz, Director of the Card Acceptance Office.

The MiniPOS provides the ease of use characteristic of smartphones. Together with the POS, the Bank ensures data transmission so that the entrepreneur can efficiently carry out the transaction. The POS also offers the option of connecting to a WiFi network. Thanks to WiFi, it is also possible to integrate with a cash register using the ECR-EFT protocol.

To keep the POS as small as possible, a printer has been dispensed with. At the request of the person making the payment, the confirmation may be delivered by e-mail or SMS to the e-mail address or telephone number entered on the device’s screen.

The entrepreneurs can order the POS at a Bank branch throughout Poland or remotely.

You can read more about the MiniPOS PAX A50 here.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated October 10, 2022