PKO Leasing implemented digital signature for leasing agreements

Source: PKO Leasing

PKO Leasing in Poland has implemented a digital signature for leasing agreements in cooperation with Autenti a digital signature provider. Leasing agreements should be signed remotely with qualified signatures (in Poland – mSzafir, SimplySign, InfoCert, etc) but now in a faster and simpler way. The customers and the suppliers can receive qualified signatures based on the video verification and access to the documentation.
The Group also offers the option of signing a lease agreement with a qualified signature using Autenti in the process of PKO Leasing Online items available in e-commerce stores. More than 75 % of customers have already used this service.

From the beginning of 2020, the customers of PKO Leasing can sign the applications for financing, leasing, and loan agreements as well as the annexes to these agreements using the qualified electronic signature (mSzafir). Now with the integration with the Autenti platform, the process of remote signing of agreements and document flow is fully digitized, and the customer can sign a leasing agreement with a qualified signature, supported by the platform.

“The digitization of the leasing industry is an inevitable process. The changes related to the development of online services have been accelerated by the pandemic. Today, the fully digitized process of signing leasing agreements is a response to the expectations of our customers, to whom we want to provide modern and attractive services while ensuring their comfort and safety,” says Anna Wiśniewska, Director of the Products and Processes Department at PKO Leasing. “The digital customer service process based on Autenti tools improves efficiency and shortens the time needed to complete the signing the leasing agreement. The remote identity verification is carried by Autenti consultant, and our customers, suppliers, and advisors can obtain an InfoCert qualified signature, which improves the quality of our services,”  she adds.

PKO Leasing, implementing the Group’s strategy for 2020-2022, conducts activities aimed at dynamic digitization of services, digitization of sales channels, and personalization of the offer.


Source: The press release by PKO Leasing dated July 26, 2022