Postbank helps Bulgarian businesses


Unexpected changes in the economy over the last year have affected the quality of life worldwide. The consequences for the entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, who have to restructure their organizational processes in time, turn out to be especially great. In response to the needs of the dynamic business environment, Postbank undertakes a series of initiatives and partnerships to develop a more sustainable financial future.

Thanks to the cooperation with the educational project “Finance Academy” Bank has the opportunity to participate in the process of increasing financial literacy in Bulgaria. The partnership takes place at a key moment for the country’s economy, when the entrepreneurial spirit and business environment need strong support. The focus on the sustainable development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is a fundamental factor for the development of the Bulgarian economy, is among the main priorities of Postbank. This is the reason why the two organizations join forces in a strategic partnership.


Postbank provides valuable knowledge, practical advice, and solutions with which participants in the financial academy can develop their business ventures. Especially valuable for students are real examples from the practice of the leading financial institution with a 30-year history in the Bulgarian market. The rich portfolio of digital products and services that the bank creates for its customers, good practices, innovative solutions due to the rapid introduction of new technologies are just some of the intriguing topics that participants in the financial academy can get acquainted with thanks to the strategic partnership between the two organizations.

The financial sector is characterized by exceptional digital readiness on the part of both businesses and consumers. An example of this is the excellent experience that the bank offers to its customers, thanks to the well-developed and diverse distribution and communication channels with consumers, as well as its rich portfolio of products and services. That is why Postbank will continue to invest in digital channels and implement innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of business in the country. Both organizations believe that the pandemic is not only a challenge but also an opportunity to launch new ideas based on a sound financial plan and development strategies.


Source: Bank’s press release from June 28, 2021