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CEE SME Banking 2017



Who is No. 1 in the market? Who has the best loan portfolio growth? Who is in the top 10 in terms of micro-, small and medium-sized business clients (SME)? These and other practical issues are likely common questions for every market player. When communicating with colleagues from different countries, we are always confronted with a lack of such information.

Taking into account practical experience in this field of research, we dedicated last year’s “CEE SME Banking Report 2017” to banking services for micro-, small and medium-sized businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. It includes objective information, not only on the market as a whole but also about each bank. It also includes a comparison with foreign banks, thus providing additional impetus for international communication and an exchange of experiences between banks from different countries. This is also our goal in organizing regional networking sites in the form of conferences.

The report is structured around Central and Eastern Europe. In preparing the report, data from state statistical services, the countries’ central banks, the banks’ annual reports and other public sources of information were used. The data was current as of January 1, 2017; where information was unavailable as of that date, the latest available data on the bank was used. In addition to regional analysis, the report also contains more detailed data by country: Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

This report is included in a series of annual reviews of regional markets, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the situation in other markets, the СEE countries in particular.

It is not our intention to present a perfect picture with this report, but we are sure that we can achieve a clearer perspective on the state of development in the SME banking segment and its potential by working together. In the end, this will contribute to improving the efficiency of business management and the quality of managerial decisions by top managers of financial organizations, as well as generate greater interest in the segment from both existing and new players.

Knowledge is power, and we will have achieved our goal if this information gives you greater insights in your daily work and strategic plans.

If you have any suggestions or proposals, feel free to send them by email to: We are building the future together.

SME Banking Club is an international networking platform of business bankers aimed to provide relevant information on what banks and financial companies are offering for entrepreneurs, micro-, small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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