Friday, June 5, 2020
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Digital Banking Transformation




The importance of becoming a digital bank is a top-of-mind topic all over the world and has been discussed and covered recently by banking and software experts worldwide in numerous articles, research papers and other documents describing digital banking and why it is becoming increasingly important.

We drew up this paper with the purpose of analyzing the digital transformation going on in SME Banking as well as digital strategies that banks have launched in the CEE region, thereby providing examples of how banks can digitalize how they service their SME customers.

It is undoubtedly necessary for each bank to determine what its digital future will look like as well as set clear business goals: increasing revenues, reducing costs and mitigating risk. There is no single ready-made digital banking solution applicable for implementation in every bank, and there is no single pass to digital transformation. Also, while making these decisions, it’s always useful to learn the lessons and see the examples of those who have already made some progress towards digital transformation.
So, let’s go into more detail.

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