Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Dear Reader,

we are publishing this issue of our magazine on the eve of the Caucasus SME Banking Club Conference 2018 in Tbilisi, which we are organizing in the region for the fourth consecutive year. This time we focus on lessons learned and recommendations from senior bankers and experts well known during SME Banking Club conferences on how to build successful strategy (1), why KPIs don’t work and how to manage people (2) in digital era; how to build effective marketing in SME segment (3); the trends in SME finance (4) found during latest studies from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Finally, the development of digital banking services (5) for SMEs is a hot topic in the banking industry, which is why we pay an attention on it as well.

Yours sincerely,
Andrey Gidulyan,
Founder of the SME Banking Club

SME Banking Club is an international networking platform of business bankers aimed to provide relevant information on what banks and financial companies are offering for entrepreneurs, micro-, small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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