PZU Health medical packages are available for micro-entrepreneurs at Pekao Bank

Source: Pekao Bank

Pekao Bank in Poland proposes for its customers that micro-entrepreneurs use the PZU Health medical packages at a special price.

Data from the Central Economic Information Center show that more and more Poles are becoming sole entrepreneurs. In 2021, this number was over 2.5 million. Therefore, Pekao Bank introduced an attractive offer for micro-entrepreneurs who set up Favourable Business Accounts at this Bank. For opening and maintaining an account, they can earn as much as PLN 2,000 in bonuses per year. In addition, even with the small turnover of the company, the Bank offers them an annual exemption from fees for the account and the card. From April 19, 2022, this package of benefits includes using private medical care as part of the PZU Health offer, in a special price offer only for customers of Pekao Bank.

Medical packages offered by PZU Health for customers of Pekao Bank enable them to access to a wide range of medical consultations and services and specialist examinations. Bank customers who prefer stationary talks should pay attention to the Essential Package with visits to doctors. Customers choosing a remote service model may be interested in the Mini Package, where telemedicine consultations are offered. One-time visits to specialists are also available as part of the Single Stationary Consultation Package or the Single Remote Consultation Package.

In addition, Bank customers can also choose a special offer as part of the Healthy Woman Package and the Healthy Man Package. It is a unique proposition on the market that includes a past performance of a wide range of specialist examinations targeted at a selected gender and a single internist consultation.

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“Adding business customers of Pekao Bank the possibility of taking advantage of the PZU Health medical packages offer is another version of the implementation of Pekao Bank’s strategy and the slogan “Responsible Bank, – says Michał Karczewski, Director of the Business Customer Department at Pekao Bank. “Today, even more than before, we should remember health when running а business and professionally fulfilling ourselves. Together with PZU Health, we met these needs and provided entrepreneurs with access to information on medical services at attractive prices, thanks to which they will be able to take care of their health,” – he adds.

Pekao Bank’s customers can choose from six medical packages offered by PZU Health:

Essential Package, including:

  • Unlimited visits to doctors in the field of specialist care in the form of stationary – 14 specializations;
  • unlimited telemedicine consultations with doctors in the field of 15 specializations available every day, including primary health care (internist, family medicine doctor);
  • visits to primary care physicians (internist, family medicine doctor) in a stationary form – 2 times free of charge;
  • visits to a psychologist or psychiatrist – 2 times free of charge, both in stationary and as telemedicine consultations;
  • over 300 types of diagnostic tests – free or discounted.

Mini package, including:

  • unlimited telemedicine consultations in the field of primary health care (internist, family medicine doctor);
  • unlimited telemedicine consultations in the field of specialist healthcare – 13 specializations;
  • visits to doctors in the field of 16 specializations in a stationary form – 2 times free of charge (primary health care and specialist care);
  • essential preventive examinations.

Healthy Woman Package, enabling the customers:

  • to perform the most critical tests for every woman;
  • to assess your health condition;
  • to exclude or diagnose at an early stage of possible diseases.

Healthy Man Package, which allows customers:

  • performing the most critical tests for every man;
  • assessing their health condition;
  • excluding or diagnosing at an early stage of possible diseases.

One-time Stationary Consultation Package, providing one stationary visit to one of the doctors of 30 different specializations.

Single Remote Consultation Package, providing one TV visit to one of the doctors of 25 different specialties.


Source: the Bank’s press release dated April 25, 2022