Raiffeisen Bank in Romania offers a qualified electronic signature for SMEs


Raiffeisen Bank in Romania and Trans Sped, a Romanian provider of digital transformation solutions with a global presence, has concluded a partnership through which the bank’s customers, SME legal entities, can obtain qualified digital signature certificates, under preferential conditions. A significant additional discount is granted to customers who hold and purchase the electronic signature through a Visa Business card, issued by Raiffeisen Bank. 

“Through the partnership, we have concluded with Trans Sped and VISA Business, Raiffeisen Bank continues to add new services and products that meet the current needs of customers, offered on very advantageous terms. With the help of a qualified electronic signature, only with a mobile phone or laptop can important documents be signed anytime and from anywhere,” said Raluca Nicolescu, SME Executive Director at Raiffeisen Bank Romania. 

“Our mission is to help entrepreneurs in the process of digital transformation, and the partnership with Raiffeisen Bank is another step in this direction. We welcome enterprises and offer them qualified digital certificates at preferential prices, to help them save time and money. Today, all public institutions accept the electronic signature with a qualified digital certificate. In addition, contracts with partners and even documents used in employment relationships can be digitally signed very quickly and very securely. The digital transformation begins with digital certificates,” said Camelia Ivan, CEO at Trans Sped

The qualified digital certificate can be obtained online, through the certified video identification solution provided by Trans Sped. 

According to Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS), the electronic signature with a qualified digital certificate is non-repudiable in court and has a legal value similar to the holographic signature. The qualified digital certificates issued by Trans Sped are accepted, recognized, and opposable in court on the markets of Romania, the European Union, the United States of America, and on all the markets where the European or North American legislation is recognized. 

Trans Sped offers digital transformation services, fintech, digitization, and process automation, as well as solutions based on digital certificates of qualified, advanced, and simple electronic signatures, as well as qualified time stamps, qualified electronic seals, and electronic archiving solutions certified according to national legislation and European. Trans Sped is an internationally recognized Trust Service Provider. The digital certificates issued by Trans Sped are included in the EU Trusted List and are cross-certified with the Federal Bridge of the US, thus being recognized by public or private institutions, companies, and bodies in the USA and the EU. Trans Sped is also a member of SAFE Identity, ETSI, and the Cloud Signature consortium. 


Source: Bank’s Press Release from September 23, 2021