Raiffeisen Bank offers SME customers a POS on the phone

Source: Raiffeisen Bank website, www.raiffeisen.ro

RaiPOS (SoftPOS Soft Point of Sale) is the application that turns a phone or a tablet into an electronic card payment terminal for Raiffeisen Bank in Romania SME customers. The cards accepted through this device with the related application are VISA or Mastercard, both for individuals and legal entities. The minimum requirements for the device on which the RaiPOS application will be installed are minimum Android operating system version 10.0 and NFC functionality. After installing the application, on any phone or tablet with the Android operating system, the device will be activated and can be used in just a few hours.

This new possibility of accepting card payments offered by Raiffeisen Bank meets the needs of all traders who sell products and services.

Source: LinkedIn

“With the RaiPOS option, our customers themselves become part of the payment system infrastructure, by safely converting their Android phone into a payment terminal. Without cable, monitor, or paper, just a phone, which can be used anywhere, RaiPOS is an application that will make life easier for our customers and their business more sustainable,” explains Raluca Nicolescu, Director of the SME Area at Raiffeisen Bank.

Why would a merchant opt ​​for such a solution?

Due to the lower costs compared to the standard POS the first download and activation of the application on the phone/tablet are offered free of charge by the Bank, and from the second payment application, the cost is only RON 25 per month, administration fee. The person in charge of managing the registered devices can see the sales situation at any time and generate reports from the merchant web portal. Access to terminal users and management of user rights is also available to the administrator.

RaiPOS is as secure as a standard POS terminal. For any transaction over RON 100, the PIN code will be entered. The application can send the receipt with the confirmation of the transaction by email, via QR code, or display it on the phone or tablet screen.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated August 11, 2022