RaiPOS – POS terminal in a phone by Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria

Source: Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria

RaiPOS is an innovative service for accepting contactless payments via mobile device for entrepreneurs. By installing an application, their phones become POS terminals.

Why should bank customers start using RaiPOS?

First of all, using this service by entrepreneurs is a convenient and secure way to accept all payments, which is also easy for managing. Secondly, they only need a short period between ordering the service and actual use. Thirdly, bank customers needn`t any wirings and additional devices. Furthermore, because the phone is always with entrepreneurs, they will have constant access to this service.

Other necessary details:

  • With RaiPOS bank customers accept contactless payments with cards with the Maestro, Visa, and Mastercard logos.
  • They can refund funds by card in case a customer refuses a product or service.
  • They can get access to a web portal where they have complete information about RaiPOS operations, manage their POS terminals, and create users in the form of cashiers for easier reporting.

What do bank customers need to use RaiPOS?

All bank`s customers only need to have a mobile device running the Android operating system (version 8+) and supporting NFC technology, as well as an Internet connection by WiFi or mobile internet.

To be able to accept contactless payments, firstly bank customers need to visit the bank’s office, then install a mobile application and as a result, accept payments.

Running own businesses for entrepreneurs is becoming easier, more convenient, and most importantly – innovative.


Source: Information by Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria