SAIO – business process automation from ING


ING Bank in Poland launched another beyond banking product to its business customers – the SAIO platform. The software created and developed under ING is a new solution offering entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy a platform for the comprehensive robotization of business processes.

 „Entering the path of digital transformation by enterprises is no longer a choice but becomes a necessity. In the context of the development of enterprises and, more broadly, the economic development of the country – the transfer of more technologically advanced solutions is crucial. Process automation allows not only to improve operational processes but also to reduce their costs and affects the efficiency and competitiveness of Polish businesses in the supply chain” said Michał Mrożek, Vice President of the Management Board at ING Bank Śląski.

Almost every enterprise has many repetitive processes that employees handle manually. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that allows automating repetitive tasks (e.g. moving data between applications) by simulating the way people work – using a mouse or keyboard.

SAIO combines its own experience in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence technology to provide entrepreneurs with comprehensive services in the field of business process automation. It is a universal tool that can be used by many industries. It works well in sales, customer management, as well as in treasury, finance, accounting, HR, purchasing processes, IT, or even operational management. As part of its SAIO platform, ING Bank Śląski provides a full range of robotization services: from free process review, through training, to implementation. The final product is a robot that automatically carries out the process in the company.

„The impulse provided by the COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the robotization in Poland. The need for automation and cost reduction occurs in virtually every area, regardless of the size of the enterprise. Therefore, in those businesses with repetitive, automatic processes, it is a good idea to implement a robot and optimize activities. Many years of experience in robotization and AI, combined with an automation platform such as SAIO, gives us a unique opportunity to help our clients gain a technological advantage over the competition” said Przemysław Lewicki, SAIO Product Owner.

SAIO solutions are used by ING in Poland and around the world, as well as a constantly growing group of customers from various countries and various industries, both in production and service.


Source: Bank’s press release from August 02, 2021