Santander Bank Polska in cooperation with supports entrepreneurs in e-commerce


According to Santander Bank Polska’s research, entrepreneurs who chose to run online shops increased their sales and cope better financially wise during the COVID-19.


Santander Bank Polska in cooperation with the online platform, which is one of the three most visited advertisement websites in Poland (around 10 million users per month), prepared special offers for entrepreneurs who want to stay or start an online business.

„The influence of the COVID-19 on the e-commerce market is significant, and it is a real breakthrough in trade. Poles are more willing to buy online thus it is even more important to help entrepreneurs that want to switch their sales to online channels. Ensuring traffic on sales websites is a great challenge for SMEs due to the fast growth of online channels. That is why investing in promotion has become essential. Our cooperation with the platform responds to these challenges.” – says Piotr Mieczkowski, SME Digital Director at Santander Bank Polska.

 Entrepreneurs can receive the amount of PLN 1000 (appr 250 EUR) for advertising on the platform. Moreover, new platforms’ users can also receive another PLN 1000 for opening e-shop. These funds will be transferred to the customer’s business account with the schedule of PLN 100 for 10 months.


Entrepreneurs who would like to benefit from the promotion should have a business account at Santander Bank Polska and fill out an application form on the banks` website.

After a positive verification, an entrepreneur will get access to their e-shop on platform, built-in forms of promotion that ensuring coverage and better visibility, as well as access to tools facilitating product assortment management (exports or aggregate audience statistics).

„The entrepreneur will not pay sales fee, so the promotion costs on the platform are known and predictable from the very beginning. Launching the package is simple and intuitive and can be done fully online, without the need to sign any paper contracts. Entrepreneurs who decide to activate the package for the first time receive a 3-month trial period”- says Justyna Cybula B2B Sales Director at


Source: Santander Bank Polska press release from 23.12.2020


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