Santander Bank Polska launches the loan with a fixed interest rate for entrepreneurs


Santander Bank Polska lanched “Biznes Ekspres with a fixed interest rate” loan, which was targeted for sole entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is a new offer on the Polish market, allowing entrepreneurs to obtain a loan, the exact costs of which are known from the very beginning.
The pandemic reminded of how dynamic and unpredictable changes in the economic situation can be. In such circumstances, factors stabilizing the functioning of enterprises are of particular importance. These undoubtedly include full knowledge of the costs of the loan taken and the quick availability of funds. That is why Santander Bank Polska offers “Biznes Ekspres with fixed interest” loan, which ensures stability thanks to a fixed interest rate throughout the loan tenor, i.e. up to 5 years.

This is the first product on the Polish market to offer a fixed interest rate on a loan under one loan agreement and without any additional transactions. Thanks to this, the entire process runs smoothly, and the customer can quickly receive credit decision and understand the total cost of funding. The application can be submitted both at bank branches and by phone.

„Thanks to the “Biznes Ekspres loan with a fixed interest” rate, entrepreneurs easily gain full control over the costs of obtained financing. We are aware that smaller enterprises are most sensitive to economic turbulence, which is why we address our offer to them. In uncertain circumstances, we wanted to give our customers a sense of security and facilitate the planning of business activities” said Radosław Twarużek, SME Tribe Lead at Santander Bank Polska.

The “Biznes Ekspres loan with a fixed interest” rate can be obtained by existing Bank’s customers – sole entrepreneurs or freelancers. “Biznes Ekspres” loan is available in the Santander mobile application as well.


Source: Bank’s Press Release from November 08, 2021