Santander Leasing has launched a vehicle rental offer

Source: Santander Bank Polska

According to the results of the Leasing Index survey carried out by Santander Leasing in Poland, 27 % of small companies are currently declaring that they use or are interested in a long-term rental, mainly because of its flexibility and no burden on creditworthiness. Hence the decision to prepare a rental offer on the platform.

This is the first step in implementing this form of financing in the Company.

In the case of rental and leasing, adjusting the offer to the company’s needs for 40 % of the surveyed companies is the most important factor in choosing a service provider. However, the price perception is different. While in the case of leasing it is an aspect as important as the offer tailored to the needs, when it comes to leasing, the price is only the fifth factor in the order of frequency of indications. The more important factor in the case of renting is – apart from the already mentioned adjustment of the offer – safe and transparent records (38 %), the company’s credibility and reputation (36 %), prior knowledge and recommendation of an adviser (29 %) and finally the lowest price (22 %).

“In the rental offer we prepared for the first time, we considered many factors. Both are related to our experience in the market and results from talks with our existing clients and market analyses in this area. It seems that we will “use” rather than “buy” more vehicles in the business in the long run. Importantly, as ZWLP predicts, the new tax regulations may accelerate the development of long-term car rental, especially in the small and medium enterprise segment,” – says Tomasz Sęba, Director of Insurance and Complementary Products at Santander Leasing. Our offer includes financing of new vehicles for a period of 24 to 60 months, with a fixed installment guarantee. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of two service packages, insurance, and the possibility of returning the car at the end of the contract. At this stage, the product is available on the platform, which allows customers to adjust financial parameters, vehicle mileage, and the scope of the service to individual needs,” – he adds.

The reasons for using long-term rental and the interest of companies

The Leasing Index study shows that 27 % of small companies (employing from 1 to 49 people) declare that they use or are interested in a long-term rental, mainly due to the high flexibility of this solution (52 %), and the lack of burdening the company’s creditworthiness (48 %), ease and speed of the rental process (36%), lower monthly instalments compared to leasing (34 %), minimizing fleet administration costs (26 %) or optimization of the company’s operating costs (19 %).

“The data resulting from our analysis of the popularity of long-term rental by industry is also interesting. This form of financing is the most popular among small companies from the service segment (17 %) and additionally, 10 % of respondents consider such an intention. The construction industry (16 % and 14 %, respectively), trade (14 % and 20 %), and manufacturing (12 % and 5 %) are in second place,” – says Tomasz Sęba. Among other things, these plans and the market potential in the context of considering this form of vehicle financing decided in our case to launch the rental offer. Moreover, 89% of the respondents surveyed have an unequivocally good or fairly good opinion of the conditions under which rent is offered on the market,” – he adds.


Source: the Press release by Santander Leasing dated April 19, 2022