Școala de Business for start-up entrepreneurs by BCR in Romania

Source: BCR

Școala de Business (Business School) by BCR in Romania offers start-up entrepreneurs a series of courses that are aimed at an easy start and efficiency in the development of their own businesses.

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Currently, the course that is offered by Școala de Business is Technology Entrepreneur: How to Build a Viable Product. Moreover, the course participants will be asked to learn about the necessary steps to develop a technological product and effective strategies to attract customers through the proposed cost. This course will be conducted by a professor Andreea Iancu.

What will the participants learn in this course?

The course Technology Entrepreneur: How to Build a Viable Product offers to all upcoming entrepreneurs to start building a technology product. Furthermore, one of the first steps will be to define what success looks like for them.

But first start-up entrepreneurs need to make sure that they have created a viable product. That is, a product that meets the real needs of users in the market they are targeting. The course developers indicate that a valid technology product starts with people’s problems and frustrations, as well as the lack of adequate solutions.

In this course, all participants will get seven useful lessons, which will help them set their goals and fit the market correctly. What chapters they will go through:

  • How to identify the market they are targeting?
  • How to briefly present the product?
  • What a business strategy entails?
  • What metrics need they to use to measure progress?
  • What are the most effective promotion channels?

At the end of each chapter, a quiz awaits start-up entrepreneurs, which will test and substantiate their accumulated knowledge.

In addition, information on other courses for start-up entrepreneurs is available on the Școala`s de Business website.


Source: Information by BCR Școala de Business