SME Digital Solutions for women entrepreneurs by ING Türkiye

Photo by SME Banking Club

ING Türkiye supports women’s empowerment in trade and women entrepreneurs. Based on this idea, this bank contributes to projects that support women entrepreneurs and support women entrepreneurs.

The first e-commerce platform that supports women’s entrepreneurship since 2017, Hepsiburada enables more than 24 thousand women to gain power in e-commerce with the Technology Support for Entrepreneurial Women program.

ING Türkiye also supports all entrepreneur women who benefit from this program with its products that are fully digital, flexible, and full of attractive advantages to strengthen their power.

Offers from ING Türkiye:

  • e-Orange Account (all participants will earn 2% additional interest),
  • SME Instant Loan (tenor is up to 60 months),
  • POS Extra (women entrepreneurs will get a 0.79% member merchant fee for 3 months, as well as free POS software, maintenance, and hardware during the campaign).

The campaign is valid between February 01, 2022 – December 31, 2022, and covers the applications of women entrepreneurs who own a sole proprietorship, which is a member of the Hepsiburada Entrepreneurial Women’s Technology Power Program.

What advantages does ING Türkiye provide to women entrepreneurs?

  • They can get instant service, completely digitally, without leaving their workplace or going to the branch.
  • SME Instant Loan is valid for their loan applications with a limit of 100,000 TL and up to a maturity of 60 months in TL equal installments.
  • During the period of using ING Instant Loan, they do not pay any account maintenance fee for your TL and foreign currency accounts.
  • During loan disbursement, they pay a one-time loan fee of 1% of the loan amount they use. The fee is taken based on usage and is at least 100 TL.
  • They do not pay a loan limit allocation fee. Within the scope of SME Instant Loan, they can use their loan with a minimum maturity of 6 months and a maximum of 60 months. Women entrepreneurs can also choose according to their company’s needs and cash flow. The loan limit amount they can apply for is a minimum of 3,000 TL and a maximum of 100,000 TL.
  • In SME Instant Loan, they are not required to provide collateral and provide a guarantor.
  • In their POS Extra uses, they can take advantage of the unconditional 0.79% member merchant fee opportunity for 3 months and free POS software/maintenance/hardware service during the campaign.
  • With the e-Orange Account, they can save with daily interest and earn Welcome Interest if they open an e-Orange Account for the first time.
  • They can earn +2% unconditionally extra interest for 3 months, and if they spend 1,000 TL or more within the Orange Extra program at the end of 3 months, they can earn +2% interest on your savings.
  • All participants can make free EFT and money orders.
  • They can make free transactions on the 12.000 ATM network.


Source: Information by ING Türkiye