Special offer for machines and devices at ING Lease (Poland)

Source: ING Bank Śląski

ING Lease (Poland) has prepared an attractive special offer for the leasing of machines and devices “Hibernate 2 installments until spring”. The promotional offer is available until March 31, 2022.

Entrepreneurs and business owners interested in leasing new and used machines or devices can take advantage of the special offer in the ING Machines Program “Hibernate 2 installments until spring”, in which the first two installments are PLN 0.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcin-sobczak-66b6a0182/detail/photo/

“Undoubtedly, machines and devices play a large role in the development of enterprises in various industries. That is why we support them by proposing the ING Machines program, which is based on maximally simplified procedures – without financial documents. Additionally, for companies that by March 31 this year decide to lease machines or devices, we have prepared a special offer. The offer is characterized by the deferral of the payment of the first two leasing fees for subsequent settlement periods, and the customer does not pay interest for the first two months of using the machine or device” – said Marcin Sobczak, Vice President of the Management Board of ING Lease (Poland).

To take advantage of the offer, it is enough in the period from February 1 to March 31 this year to submit a leasing application in the most convenient form, i.e. online at www.inglease.pl, via an application in the Moje ING electronic banking or at ING Bank Śląski Specialists, and sign the contract by the end of April this year.

The ING Machines program includes:

  • new and used machines or devices: production, food, printing, surveying, lifts, construction devices, and forklifts,
  • financing amount up to PLN 500,000,
  • financing period up to 72 months,
  • deductible from 5%,
  • available for companies operating for over 6 months,
  • program for new and existing ING customers,
  • company financial documents are not required.


Source: Bank`s press release from February 1, 2022