Spring-summer benefits for micro-enterprises by Pekao Bank

Source: Pekao Bank

Pekao Bank in Poland has prepared a spring-summer promotion for micro-enterprises. New customers running or opening a sole entrepreneur business are offered a bonus of up to PLN 2.000 and PLN 0 per account and card for 2 years.

Poles more and more choose self-employment as a form of business and earning money. This is confirmed by statistics showing that the number of sole entrepreneur businesses is systematically growing. As of January 1, 2022, it was 2.58 million active enterprises. A significant number of them, especially in the first period of operation, are looking for offers that allow them to limit their expenses. To meet the enterprises’ demand for cheap banking, Pekao Bank was introduced on April 1, 2022, a new spring-summer promotion “PLN 2.000 bonus for companies and PLN 0 for an account and card for 2 years”. It will be available until August 31, 2022.

What can a participant in the spring-summer promotion for micro-companies gain?

  • PLN 200 – for full registration of sole proprietorship in CEIDG by using the Trusted Profile in Pekao24/PeoPay and opening the Favourable Business Account (one time);
  • up to PLN 600 – 3% refund on the total value of monthly non-cash transactions with a Mastercard debit card issued to the account or with the PeoPay application for min. PLN 500;
  • PLN 200 – an additional bonus for active persons (one time), if in each of the 6 months after the month when the account was opened, the customer makes a transfer to ZUS for the amount of at least PLN 300, and will make transfers (other than to ZUS) via the PeoPay mobile application, for a total amount of min. PLN 1000, and will carry out non-cash transactions for a total amount of min. PLN 500 with a Mastercard debit card to the account or the PeoPay application;
  • PLN 400 – if the customer signs a payment terminal agreement and gets payments for the amount of at least 1000 PLN per month for 6 consecutive months (counted one month after opening the account);
  • PLN 600 – for concluding the first loan agreement with a guarantee or for leasing with Pekao Leasing or factoring with Pekao Faktoring (one time).

“We understand that every zloty counts for everyone who runs a business on their own. We want to support sole entrepreneur businesses in running their businesses, and we want small entrepreneurs to be able to focus primarily on this. If we can release them from additional costs, for example, servicing a company account or card, we will be very happy to do so. Bonuses reaching a total of PLN 2.000 are an additional award for keeping an account with Pekao Bank”– said Michał Karczewski, Director of the Business Customer Department at Pekao Bank.

To become a participant in the spring-summer promotion for micro-entrepreneurs, they should open the current Favourable Business Account in PLN, with access to electronic banking and a Mastercard debit card to this account, and make a transfer to ZUS every month for the amount of min. PLN 300. To receive an exemption from the fee for maintaining a business account and the Mastercard debit card issued to it for 24 consecutive months, entrepreneurs need to sign an agreement for the current Favourable Business Account in PLN during the promotion period.

The opening of the Favourable Business Account by current customers of Pekao Bank is intuitive and quick. This can be done in Pekao24/PeoPay online banking by filling in the company’s registration details and type of activity. The bank will fill in the rest of the application, e.g. the customer’s ID card number. The application may also be signed using a Trusted Profile. If the user does not have a Trusted Profile yet – the bank will enable it to be generated when filling out the application. It is a convenient and easy way to set up a business without additional visits to the offices.

If the entrepreneurs are already customers of Pekao Bank and they plan to start a business, they can do it through banking and take advantage of the attractive promotion of the Favourable Business Account. It is enough to log in to Pekao24/PeoPay, select “Company with an account” from the available applications, and then fill in the registration data such as the name of the company or the type of business, select the banking products they would like to use. Then they need just to send the application and sign it with a Trusted Profile.

For entrepreneurs who are not customers of Pekao Bank, but who have their own companies and decide to set up the Favourable Business Account, this process will not take much time either. All they need to do is complete the online application with the NIP (tax identification number), and the basic contact information. A company data will be automatically completed with the data from CEIDG. After choosing the method of identity verification, all they have to do is select the products they need from the offer and send the application.


Source: Bank`s press release from April 07, 2022