Friday, August 6, 2021
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Understanding Gap: learning to think like an SME bank

Effective SME banking is a competitive advantage. What is then the most important in the challenge to become an effective SME banker? During the...

Agile in Risk

During two last episodes of Agile Mondays, together with John Mark Williams (CEO at Agile Business Consortium, UK) and Maria Cenusa (Innovation & Change Consultant at Integrated...

How to embed Finance in every part of the bank

During the second episode of Agile Mondays devoted to the topic of Agile Finance, together with John Mark Williams (CEO at Agile Business Consortium, UK)...

Agile Finance

On April 13 and April 20, during our Agile Mondays Talks Series John Mark Williams (CEO at Agile Business Consortium, UK) and Maria Cenusa...

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