TBI Bank launched an online application for SME loans with Termene portal in Romania


On June 10th this year, TBI Bank in Romania announced a partnership with Termene.ro to offer companies an innovative financing solution for their business and provide a better customer experience.

Termene.ro is a portal with the largest database of companies in Romania, where registered users can receive legal and financial information on companies, registered in Romania, and check their counterparties. At the moment, Termene has approximately 70000 registered users.

For the registered users, TBI Bank implemented an online application for the Bank’s unsecured online loan, so that the users can apply for a loan directly from the Termene portal.

The online application process lasts for just 5 minutes, and the required documentation is limited and at hand to any business owner. SME customer receives a respond within 24 hours. Through this partnership, TBI Bank and Temene.ro offer financing up to 20,000 EUR (in RON equivalent), for a period of 24 months, to small businesses looking for a quick and convenient financing solution to develop their business or simply cover inherent cash flow gaps.

After receiving the application from the customer (which mainly are new customers to the Bank), Bank’s underwriters are taking the credit decision. The resolution is sent automatically to the customer registered email.

In the case of a positive decision, the customer signs a loan agreement. The agreement is signed in a paper form, and either a customer should visit Bank’s branch to proceed with this or RM can come to the customer’s office. To repay a loan, the customer needs to do a payment transfer, and in that case, Bank doesn’t require to open a business account with the Bank, so the repayment can be made from other banks (a customer should do a bank transfer for the repayment).

For Termene.ro, the partnership with TBI Bank is another step towards becoming a “one-stop-shop” for Romanian companies. In addition to the existing wide range of products and services that aim at an efficient, safe, and sustainable long-term business administration, Termene.ro clients can also access digital loans to finance their business plans.