TBI Buy and myPOS increase sales and bring new customers to partners

Source: TBI Bank

The app TBI Buy by TBI Bank in Bulgaria has partnered up with myPOS. The Bank created this next-gen shopping ecosystem to increase sales for the merchant partners while transforming the shopping patterns of end customers through a seamless and tailored omnichannel experience. It currently has over 200 partners, including large chains of hardware stores, pharmacies, restaurants, gas stations, leading food industry brands, manufacturers, and many more.

Any business that wants to provide a loyalty program to its customers and get to know them better can become a partner in TBI Buy. The special offers in the application are created in close cooperation between TBI Buy and merchants and are available exclusively to users of the application. When the app collects enough data about a customer’s shopping behavior it customizes communication – for example, certain products and merchants will be put forward through push notifications and other mechanisms.

Who can use the app?
Anyone who owns a smartphone can use the application. It is entirely free and is not tied to any other TBI products. The registration is quick and easy and does not require any data other than a phone number.

Which myPOS businesses can join the platform?
Any business can become part of TBI Buy. There are no restrictions in terms of size or industry. All merchants who want to provide a loyalty program to their customers and gain their trust with reasonable offers can benefit.

How do myPOS merchants benefit from TBI Buy?
The merchants have access to detailed information about their customers’ behavior and purchases, which helps get to know them better and create personalized offers. In addition, thanks to the integration between myPOS and TBI Buy, all myPOS customers will benefit from the TBI Buy platform instantly and effortlessly. Accumulating and using bonus points for customers is straightforward – it involves only scanning the digital loyalty card.

By becoming part of TBI Buy’s network, the customers take advantage of an innovative loyalty program and seamless shopping with myPOS.


Source: The Bank`s press release dated May 13, 2022