The Digital Revolution is back! 100k EUR is at stake

Source: mBank

The third edition of the Digital Revolution competition is starting, with a prize package worth over PLN 400 thousand (approx. EUR 100 thousand) to be won. To take part in it, the future participants should complete the competition application on the website by July 22 and describe their ideas for running a business in the virtual world. Mastercard is the strategic partner of the competition.

The Digital Revolution is mBank’s social campaign in Poland targeted at companies operating in the e-commerce market. It launched in June 2020 in response to the pandemic to help entrepreneurs survive and bring their businesses online. Its pillars are a systematically developed e-commerce knowledge base gathered on the website and competition for companies. Its third edition has just started.

This year, the contestants will compete for one of eight prizes with a total value of over PLN 400 thousand (approx. EUR 100 thousand). Including two main prizes worth PLN 150 thousand (approx. EUR 37,5 thousand) and six additional ones worth PLN 22 thousand (approx. 5,5 thousand) each one. The companies can apply in two categories: a company with a turnover of up to PLN 10 million (approx. EUR 2,5 million) and a turnover of PLN 10 million (approx. EUR 2,5 million) to PLN 50 million (approx. EUR 12,5 million). In both, the competition task is the same: describe the idea of running a company in the virtual world and justify why this idea has a chance to be successful in e-commerce. Both companies with many years of experience in the market and those that are almost fledgling (it is enough to show the turnover for the last three months) can take part in the struggles. The applications are accepted until July 22, 2022, on the website

The competition prize package includes the tools necessary to spread wings in e-business, which are to help companies, incl. in: a setting up an e-shop, e-marketing, the legal matters, a reaching the customer, the tasks related to logistics and the payments in the store. The winners will also receive a dose of the highest quality knowledge during DIMAQ training and the support of business mentor Lech Kaniuk, CEO of SunRoof, an expert in business scaling and the author of the bestseller “Power of Momentum”.

The competition partners are DIMAQ, DPD Poland, GESSEL Law Office, Grey Agency, IdeoForce, Lex Secure, mElements, Samito, Sky Shop, and Spacecamp. Mastercard is the strategic partner and founder of the main prizes in the competition.

Its results will be announced on September 13, 2022. The winners will be selected by a jury composed of: Anna Białobłocka from Mastercard, Maciej Cebertowicz from Sky Shop, Maciej Filipkowski from Design your life, Lech Kaniuk from SunRoof, Bernadetta Kasztelan-Świetlik from GESSEL Law Office, Anna Ledwoń-Blacha from More Bananas, Dariusz Nalepa and Piotr Teodorczyk from mBank and Łukasz Zembowicz from DPD Poland.

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Source: The Bank`s press release dated June 24, 2022