The eco-loan for entrepreneurs at mBank

Source: mBank

By implementing the ESG strategy, mBank in Poland supports entrepreneurs in eco-transformation and caring for the environment. The entrepreneurs that spend the borrowed money for environmental purposes will not pay a fee for granting the loan, and its margin will be 1 percentage point lower (and will be 3.9 % for a loan above PLN 30,000).

The entrepreneurs who plan to reduce energy consumption, gas emissions, and pollutants may receive loans from PLN 30,000 to PLN 200,000 at mBank on preferential terms. The money will go to the business account within 15 minutes of signing the agreement. The condition for obtaining preferential conditions is to provide the Bank with documents confirming the expenses incurred to support environmental protection.

The money from the eco-loan can be spent on:

  • The purchase of renewable energy sources, e.g. photovoltaic panels, and additional devices such as energy storage or heat pumps.
  • The purchase of electric cars or electric bicycles.
  • The purchase of materials and systems for thermal modernization of buildings, and windows and doors with low heat permeability.
  • The heat recovery installations and heating boilers minimize smog emissions.
  • The purchase of LED lighting or electronic energy management systems in buildings.
  • The purchase of household appliances with the energy efficiency class at least A ++ or computer equipment with appropriate certificates.
  • The water-saving fittings or rainwater recovery systems.

mBank helps protect the climate and the environment by financing “green” investments, supporting businesses in the energy transformation, reducing their carbon footprint, and providing customers with financial services that support environmental goals.

Source: LinkedIn

“Our experience in pro-social projects has shown us that we have great opportunities to encourage our customers to engage in the implementation of activities that meet the ESG criteria. A form of such an incentive may be, for example, offering preferential financing conditions for investments that help to protect the environment. Thanks to this, together with our customers, we can achieve effects that have a significant, positive impact on our environment,” said Piotr Teodorczyk, Head of SME Business at mBank.

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Source: The Bank`s press release dated June 14, 2022