The final of “STRONG in Business” – women entrepreneurs got grants

Source: Santander Bank Polska

Santander Bank in Poland and Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation selected the winners of competitions for educational grants and business funding. During the closing gala of the “STRONG in Business” program, ten grants were awarded, as well as three awards in the form of investor support.

Ten women who presented the best business plans were awarded development grants worth PLN 11,000 (approx. EUR 2,350) for every winner. The money can be used for any purpose related to the development of competencies needed to run a business. In the second competition, three women entrepreneurs who presented the most fascinating business proposals were awarded. Each of the winners was allowed to recapitalize a business project of EUR 50,000 up to the PLN equivalent.

Source: LinkedIn

“Entrepreneurs are the strength of the Polish economy. Always innovative, and energetic, they adapt to any situation. In the “STRONG in Business” project, we encouraged women entrepreneurs to reach for grants, giving them real support on the way to their businesses, inspiration, and motivation. A big interest shows that we have succeeded in this very well,” said Arkadiusz Przybył, Vice President of the Management Board of Santander Bank Polska, during the gala.

“STRONG in Business” is an initiative aimed at supporting and activating women in professional development and setting up businesses. Almost 4,000 women took part in the series of ten webinars.

“I liked the very idea of the project, the workshops that were organized with strong women and personalities. And above all, I am very proud that our business plan was awarded because we strongly believe in what we do and we believe in the success of our venture, so it was great to hear that we are also able to convince someone else,” said Iwona Połog, who received investor support for an innovative business plan of a company from the IT and tourism industry regarding an application for organizing group trips.

During the workshop, the participants received many tips and tools to support running a business. Sara Koślińska CEO of Limitless, Anna Orska founder and owner of the ORSKA jewelry brand, and well-known journalist Dorota Wellman were the speakers during the webinars.

“I especially remember the lectures of Anna Orska and Marta Lech-Maciejewska, bloggers and owners of the Spadiora brand. When it comes to Santander Bank Polska and Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation, I participate in various courses. Recently, I also took part in the Santander MBA Essentials initiative, organized jointly with the London School of Economics. It was an introduction to the Executive MBA and gave me a completely different approach to finance, to managing a company. That is why now, using the money from the grant for development, I want to sign up for a full MBA course that will help me run my business,” said Michalina Wilkowska, awarded a development grant for the business plan of the publisher of educational board games.

The list of winners can be found at (in Polish).

The partners of the “STRONG in Business” program are Her Impact and Forbes Woman.

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