The First in the CEE Region: Google launched Google Cloud Warsaw


On April 14, Google officially launched the Google Cloud Warsaw region. It is the first computing infrastructure of a global public clouds provider in Central and Eastern Europe and was created as a result of the strategic partnership between Google and the National Polish Cloud that one and a half years after the partnership announcement enables each Polish entrepreneur and institution to use the latest global cloud solutions available in the Google Cloud region located in Poland. Digital acceleration thanks to a contract with Google is a fact now! The Warsaw region of Google Cloud is the 25th such center in the world and the only one that the company is going to open this year in Europe.

„This is another milestone in the digital history of Poland. Thanks to cloud solutions, domestic entrepreneurs are agile in introducing innovations as well as adapting products and services to the rapidly changing market expectations. The National Cloud is today the most specialized provider of cloud computing solutions in Poland. Its goal from the very beginning is to accelerate the digital transformation of Polish enterprises and public institutions. By implementing partnerships such as the Google Agreement, we are getting closer to this goal.” – said Zbigniew Jagiełło, CEO at PKO Bank Polski – co-owner of National Cloud.

The National Cloud was established on the initiative of PKO Bank Polski and the Polish Development Fund. The founders and current shareholders intended to create a technological platform that will stimulate the development of innovation in Polish enterprises and enable the optimization of processes related to building a modern public administration. The company was established in 2018.



Removal of barriers that prevent many entrepreneurs and institutions from using cloud solutions. The region also means more efficient and flexible IT infrastructure managed and maintained by Google, available in the service model which leads to the minimum delay in data transmission. It is also the ability to use advanced data analytics in real-time, faster data recording in applications, and faster backups.

The region offers a lot of possibilities of using the latest information technologies without significant investment outlays. It is the democratization of access to IT solutions and services. Each entrepreneur and institution, regardless of specialization and scale of operation, has the same possibilities of using the public cloud.

The Google Cloud key solutions commonly used in the world will be available in the Warsaw region, such as Compute Engine, App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Spanner, BigQuery.


Source: PKO BP’s press release from 14.04.2021