The ING Accounting application for entrepreneurs in Ukrainian

Source: ING Bank Śląski

ING Bank Śląski in Poland has released an application for managing business cases in Ukrainian.

Source: LinkedIn

“In response to the current difficult situation for Ukrainian citizens, we have decided to add a full translation of our application. Over 3 million people have come to Poland from the war zone – many of them will start their businesses or work here. Some of them will become our customers or their employees – that’s why we want them to use our application as much as possible and eliminate the troublesome language barrier. Additional, extended descriptions and hints will allow them to find out about invoicing easily and other everyday activities of an entrepreneur in our country, – emphasizes Krzysztof Blinowski, Vice President of ING Services for Business.

The language change can be set at the stage of registration to the service – it is available to every entrepreneur, regardless of whether they are a customer of ING Bank Śląski or not.

All elements of the ING Accounting system have been translated – i.e., Invoicing, Independent Accounting, Accounting Office, and the application in the mobile version.

Source: LinkedIn

“We already see a lot of traffic from new Ukrainian-speaking customers. We have done our best to make the application even more convenient for them. Thanks to the translated ING Accounting application, we believe that they will be able to operate more freely on the Polish market, receiving from us a whole package of tools necessary for entrepreneurs,” says Bartosz Traczyk, President of the Management Board of ING Services for Business.

Ukrainian speakers will find more information about ING Accounting services on a particular page:


Source: the Banks press release dated May 18, 2022